With the approach of the World Mental Health Week 2018, persons with psychosocial disabilities, users and survivors of psychiatry, people with "mad" identities and other identities thereof, call for support to have our voices amplified, as we gear towards increasing our full and effective participation in communities that are inclusive. We also express our serious concerns over the spread of the medical model through the low and-income countries by importing the unsuccessful western models of mental health.

Please find here, news about a forthcoming Global Mental Health Ministerial Summit : https://globalmhsummit.com/

We are concerned that the upcoming Global Mental Health Ministerial Summit in London, 9th and 10th October, is being designed and conducted without participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities and users and survivors of psychiatry; opposing the very tenet of the CRPD that requires of persons with disabilities in matters concerning them, which in this case are persons with psychosocial disabilities.

With the dominance of the GMH movement in the Summit, a promise of a release of a Lancet paper, coupled with our absence, we are concerned that the summit would undo the significant developments that has happened towards a rights based perspective for persons with psychosocial disabilities in the recent past by the various UN agencies, specifically the OHCHR. You may read the campaign background note attached for further information.

Therefore, to make our voices heard we have decided to organize a global campaign, bringing our voices together. The campaign starting from 1 October will run between October and November 2018.

We invite each and all of you to join the campaign and make our concerns heard!

The campaign is called : #WhatWENeed - Full CRPD Compliance on the Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities

1. You may link the campaign with your programmes for the International MH Week, by keeping us in the loop, so that we can partner with your efforts and synergise.

2. You may partner with the campaign, by sharing your organisation's name, logo, or let us know how you want to be visible on the public platforms.

3. You may join the Campaign through Twitter or Facebook and also viz Blog entry.

To participate


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It is one of those rare occasions

when all of us worldwide will have something to say,

So Join Us Now 

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